Soccer Star Son Heung Min Praises BTS For Shining A Spotlight On Korea, And Shares His Pride Of Being An ARMY

Both are representing Korea on a global platform!

Although South Korean soccer player Son Heung Min, who currently plays for Tottenham Hotspurs, may have gained success overseas, it seems as if he continues to be someone who promotes Korean culture and promotes it whenever he can!

In particular, he has voiced his love for BTS and shares his respect for the group.

Soccer player Son Heung Min | @SpursOfficial/ Twitter

Son Heung Min recently shared this love again during an interview with ELLE Korea. During the video, he shared some of his favorite food, the K-Drama he is currently watching, and a lot more!

In particular, Son Heung Min was asked what K-Pop artists he was listening to, and unsurprisingly, he picked BTS and revealed the touching reason why.

I really like BTS. They have raised awareness and brought focus to Korea. I have supported them as a fan and listen to their new releases.

— Son Heung Min

It isn’t the first time Son Heung Min has praised the group recently and even called them “National Heroes” in an interview. With Korean culture spreading worldwide, more eyes are being brought onto the country, which comes from artists like BTS, athletes like Son Heung Min, and many more.

Son Heung Min was then asked if there were any similarities between himself and BTS!

Although they are in two completely different industries, there is no denying that they all have a huge influence on people around them and are ambassadors for Korea.

Doing our best in our position, but essential everyone does that.

— Son Heung Min

It seems as if Son Heung Min has nothing but love for the group. He has also emphasized how BTS has become a support system for him in the past.

They’ve become somewhat of a support system for me, helping me overcome the difficulties of living abroad. I appreciate them and I’m their biggest fan.

— Son Heung Min

It isn’t just Son Heung Min who seems to be a fan of BTS. When the group was on stage at Wembley, RM was even spotted wearing a Son hat to show support for Heung Min, who was playing in the ‘2018 UEFA Champion’s League’ the same day.

With both BTS and Son Heung Min being fans of each other and representing Korea on a global scale, hopefully, they can meet at some point! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: ELLE Korea