“Somebody” Na Dae Han Under Fire for Leaving Self-Isolation to Go to Japan With His Girlfriend

He was put in self-isolation after his performance of “Swan Lake” at Daegu Opera House last month.

Celebrity ballet dancer, Na Dae Han, who also appeared on the variety show, Somebody, has recently come under fire for traveling to Japan with his girlfriend when he should be in self-isolation for the coronavirus.

In the middle of last month, Na Dae Han was ordered to keep himself in self-isolation following his performance of Swan Lake at Daegu Opera House.

The order was given based on the fact that the number of coronavirus cases blew up around that time in the Daegu area.

For that reason, 130 employees including Na Dae Han, were put under self-isolation.

The self-isolation began on the 24th of last month, and they were instructed to stay that way for 1 month and report on their condition every single day.

But as soon as it became known that Na Dae Han ignored the orders and traveled to Japan with his girlfriend, he became the topic of heavy criticism.

What lit fuel to the fire was the fact that he also uploaded photos of himself in Japan on his Instagram account for all to see.

Following the backfire, Na Dae Han deleted his Instagram account, and the National Ballet Company stated that they will begin an investigation and punish him accordingly.


Source: Insight