Somi Nearly Caused Her Hairstylist To Have A Mental Breakdown—Here’s Why

Hilarious 😂

“DUMB DUMB” singer Somi recently had her hair done by Kiu, a popular hairstylist on YouTube.

Before he started, Kiu noticed that she doesn’t even need extensions because of her naturally long hair. “You naturally have long hair.

Somi agreed and revealed a surprising habit she has with her hair. She enjoys doing her own hair at home, so her hairstylist ends up having a hard time fixing whatever she did.

Yes. I have a story…I like getting hairdos on my own, so my hairstylist has a hard time.

— Somi

Being a hairstylist himself, Kiu could totally relate. He cried out, “That’s so stressful!

Laughing, Somi then revealed a funny story about it. According to Somi, there was a time when she randomly felt like having short hair. She decided right there and then that she might as well cut it herself with some kiddie scissors!

I got home one day, and I had the urge to cut my hair short. With a pair of kiddie scissors, I just cut it short like this.

— Somi

Kiu immediately reacted to the story. He sympathized with her hairstylist, saying they must have been stressed when that happened.

Oh my gosh! Your hairstylist must have had a mental breakdown.

— Kiu

Afterwards, Somi related her actions to actor Won Bin‘s character in the 2010 film The Man From Nowhere. Like Somi, he also cut his own hair.

Won Bin | CJ Entertainment

Like Won Bin in The Man From Nowhere.

— Somi

Thankfully, her story has a happy ending! Her hair grew longer in no time, so her hairstylist is likely not as stressed anymore.

I cut it but it grew a lot.

— Somi

Watch the full video below.

Source: Kiu