Here’s Why Somi Is Thankful For SEVENTEEN’s Woozi

She had to thank him for what he did.

Somi is no stranger to teasing her friend SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi, causing a funny interaction between the two when Woozi opened up his Instagram account.

Somi | @somsomi0309/Instagram

Thanks to 1theK Originals, Somi revealed why she’s thankful for him in a recent interview.

Woozi | Weverse

Looking back on her days promoting as part of I.O.I for IDDP, Somi searched “Downpour”. She immediately said, “It’s a great song.” She then thought of the person who created the beautiful song that’s still a favorite among idols and fans.

Somi expressed her thanks to him. She said, “Once again, thanks to SEVENTEEN’s Woozi oppa, I want to say thank you.

The comment left fans loving Somi even more and appreciating the friendship between the two idols. Watch Somi thank Woozi here.