Son Of Brazilian Host Apologizes For Racist Remarks Toward KARD

The son of the Brazilian TV host, Raul Gil, who used racially insensitive comments has released an apology statement.

“My father has always been an extremely polite person and he has not thought of disrespecting anyone. I

f there was any kind of misunderstanding, I believe that he and I, both production and director, are really apologetic.”

– Show Director, Raul Gil Jr.

The apology comes following a worldwide trending hashtag #DoYouWantKorea that started following the reaction to the show.

[★TRENDING] DoYouWantKorea Trends Worldwide As Brazil Reacts To Racism Against KARD

The controversy sparked on the Turma Do Vovo Raul show that aired last Saturday.

Brazilian Host Berates KARD With Racial Slurs On Live TV

Source: Bol Noticas

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