Son Dam Bi finds herself at a personal crossroad just ahead of her contract expiration

Singer-turned-actress Son Dam Bi finds herself at a personal crossroad as her contract with Pledis Entertainment is set to expire soon.

Rumors indicate there are multiple other companies eager to sign her, but inside sources recently said Son Dam Bi has not made up her mind one way or another. Although Son Dam Bi debuted under the music-focused Pledis Entertainment in 2007, she may be looking to sign with a company that has more connections to the acting world.

She has not conducted any music-related activities since releasing her last album in 2012. Beginning with her 2012 MBC drama Lights and Shadows and receiving praise again for her work in the 2014 drama What Happens to My Family, Son Dam Bi is set to appear again in the OliveTV drama Yumi’s Room.

Nonetheless, her loyalty to the company that gave her a chance and helped make her into a star cannot be discounted. Son Dam Bi was one of Pledis’ first stars and was there from the beginning when it was just a fledgling company. Her labelmates Uee and Lizzy of After School, who are also currently pursuing careers in acting, have given Pledis the chance to emerge as an actor management agency.

With Pledis doing whatever it can to provide important management services to its stars, there is no clear answer as to which company Son Dam Bi will choose to sign with.

Source: DongA