Captain Son Heung Min Is Going Viral For His Behavior Towards His Teammates At Incheon Airport Following Their Return To Korea

It proves why he was picked as the team’s captain!

It seems as if the world has had its eyes on the Korean football team during the recent World Cup in Qatar.

The Korean national football team | Yonhap News

In particular, one of the players that unsurprisingly captured the hearts of fans is captain Son Heung Min.

Soccer player Son Heung Min | @hm_son7/Instagram

Throughout the matches in the World Cup, Son Heung Min has gained attention for his talent on the pitch but also behavior when the games finished.

In particular, when arriving back in Korea, the athlete has gone viral for his behavior at Incheon airport.

Son Heung Min at Incheon Airport | Yonhap News

On TikTok, a netizen shared a video of the team’s return to Korea. From the minute the athletes walked through the doors, they highlighted Son Heung Min’s true personality.

The Korean team arriving back at Incheon Airport from Qatar | Yonhap News
| Yonhap News

Although Son Heung Min is the captain, he chose to stay at the back of the huge crowd of players and staff rather than staying at the front or drawing any attention to himself. Even as the group gathered for a photo, he tried to stay at the back.

Yet, Son Heung Min reluctantly moved to the front when asked by reporters.

When the photos were being taken, the athlete was always looking around at his team to ensure he wasn’t the only one not wearing a mask.

Finally, as the reporters started taking pictures, Son Heung Min wanted to know that all the players were in the limelight. He ensured that players shorter than him were brought in front of him so they were in the photos.

Yet, it isn’t the first time that Son Heung Min has been praised for his humble attitude.

After the team’s devastating loss to Brazil, Son Heung Min was interviewed by the international press. When asked why Korea didn’t play as well in their match against Brazil, the star striker immediately defended his team.

I don’t want to blame any of my players because they gave everything. I’m very proud, very happy the young guys did an amazing job for the national team.

— Son Heung Min

Despite being the captain and already internationally known in the soccer community, Son Heung Min never stops the chance for his teammates to shine.

You can read more about Son Heung Min’s true leadership skills below.

Captain Son Heung Min Is Going Viral After Defending His Teammates During Interview

Source: @fanaccrforson7

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