Son Naeun Shows Love And Support For Apink’s Comeback In The Midst Of Ongoing Criticisms

She might not be able to join them, but she will always love them ❤️

Apink‘s Son Naeun has personally expressed her disappointment with her inability to join the girl group’s comeback promotions, while showing her love for her members.

Apink’s Son Naeun.

The veteran girl group member recently uploaded several photos of herself dressed in a stunning white embellished dress, showing off her never-changing visuals. With her hair up in a ponytail and some glam jewelry to match, this is what Son Naeun had to say to her worried fans.

We prepared for the 10 year anniversary album “HORN” for a long time. Are you guys listening to the gift well? While I’m disappointed that I’m unable to join for the promotions, please show a lot of love to the album that we worked hard on. Also, please show a lot of support to my members! (I ask for a lot of support for today’s M! Countdown stage)

— Apink’s Son Naeun

Apink’s photo for “HORN” comeback | IST Entertainment

Previously, YG Entertainment revealed that Son Naeun would be unable to join in Apink’s 10 year anniversary comeback due to “conflicting schedules,” but would participate in the album and music video productions. Naeun, who has been busy with her K-Drama Ghost Doctor, was met with intense criticisms as fans called her out on her priorities. Many claimed that the Apink member was putting her acting career first while neglecting her girl group duties.

| IST Entertainment

Ever since, Son Naeun has become the target of mass backlash, as both fans and netizens began to spread malicious comments about the girl group member all over the internet. She remained relatively quiet and focused on her tvN production, but addressed the concerns with her recent Instagram post.

In related news, Son Naeun has been busy promoting as an actress ever since her move to YG Entertainment back in May 2021. While she remains as a member of Apink, she has been busy with her acting endeavors, as she currently portrays the role of medical intern, Oh Soo Jung in tvN’s Ghost Doctor.

Son Naeun in “Ghost Doctor.”
Source: Naver News