Singer Song Ha Yea Hits Back At Block B’s Park Kyung With Instagram Post

Many are still calling her out despite this.

Following the news that Block B‘s Park Kyung was slapped with a fine for slander due to the claims he made publicly, accusing certain singers of conducting sajaegi, one of the accused singers has clapped back.

Song Ha Yea, who got famous in 2019 off the song “Your Regards”, was accused of sajaegi (chart manipulations) almost as soon as she took off. Park Kyung posted an Instagram post that allegedly called out not only her, but 5 other singers. As soon as news of the verdict was out, she took to her Instagram with a post that subtly hints at the fine.

| @hayeasong/Instagram

“As expected, things will always be righted. Please look forward to my first mini album, my loves.”

— Song Ha Yea

Many are taking this as a quick jab at Park Kyung’s accusations that have now been deemed slander. However, it seems that many netizens are still on Park Kyung’s side. Users of online community, theqoo, have been quick to fire off that they still don’t know who Song Ha Yea is, terming this as noise marketing. They have also claimed that there’s evidence against her already, and that this was just her being shameless.

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This is not the first time Song Ha Yea has been criticized – after her sajaegi accusations came around in 2019, her past performance on K-Pop Star resurfaced. In the show, the judges JYP and BoA both claimed she was trying to imitate other famous singers, rather than find her own voice.

Take a look at her performance below.

Source: theqoo