Song Hye Kyo Reportedly Cried While Talking About Marriage Life, Lost 11 Pounds

“…she recently cried while talking about the hardship related to her marriage life…”

An Insider has revealed that Song Hye Kyo recently cried while talking about her marriage life and lost a lot of weight as well.

According to Newsen, the Insider revealed that Song Hye Kyo has been through a lot of distress starting from the beginning of the year and lost about 5kg (11lbs).

In addition to her weight loss, her face looked darker and made me worry about her health. She is usually taciturn and doesn’t often talk about her inner thoughts but she recently cried while talking about the hardship related to her marriage life and it hurt my heart to see her that way.

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The Insider also stated that due to her rapid weight loss, her fingers became too skinny for her wedding ring and it would fall off even if she wore it. She explained that Song Hye Kyo was looking around for a smaller ring to wear with her wedding ring so that it doesn’t fall off, but concluded that it will not matter anymore.

Another Insider clarified rumors about the couple’s wedding ring.

A majority of the photos released in which Song Joong Ki is wearing his wedding ring was taken during the summer of 2018. If you see Song Joong Ki at official events after the end of 2018, you’ll se that he is not wearing his wedding ring.

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Meanwhile, Song Joon Ki announced earlier today that he will divorce Song Hye Kyo and Song Hye Kyo’s agency later confirmed the news.

Source: Donga Ilbo

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