Song Hye Kyo Turns Down Casting Offer For Upcoming Drama

She had originally accepted the role.

Song Hye Kyo, who was preparing to return to the silver screen in the second half of 2019, announced her decision to turn a casting offer for an upcoming drama.

Originally, she had confirmed her appearance on the drama Hyena, which aimed to be aired during the end of the year. After receiving the script, she had originally turned down the script but after revisions, she accepted the role.

Earlier this week, however, she turned down the offer. Though no specific reason was given, many believe it is due to her upcoming divorce with actor Song Jong Ki.

Song Hye Kyo was meant to play a lawyer whose as crazy as a hyena when it comes to the law and chooses to win the cases through any means and methods. She ends up with a problem that refuses to back down no matter how hard it is stepped on or pulled, like a weed.

Song Jong Ki announced his plans to divorce Song Hye Kyo. When speaking about their divorce, the actor stated, “We both hope to settle the divorce process in a smooth manner, rather than attack and blame each other.”

Song Hye Kyo has also released her statement on their divorce, citing personality problems they could not overcome.

The two actors met in 2015 when filming for the drama Descendants of the Sun. The two wed in 2017 and lasted two years before their divorce.

Source: Naverkyo 2019

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