Actress Song Ji Hyo Reveals Her Ex-Boyfriend Once Cheated On Her

Song Ji Hyo confirms her heart has been broken by a cheating ex-boyfriend before.

As part of her promotions for her upcoming movie Wind Wind Wind, which is about love affairs, Song Ji Hyo guested on Knowing Bros and ended up talking about her own experience with them.

After finding out her new movie will be about love affairs, the cast immediately began to question whether she had any personal experience with an ex cheating.

When Song Ji Hyo hesitated to answer, Min Kyung Hoon and Heechul theorized that one of her previous boyfriends cheated on her. Song Ji Hyo took the time to compose herself before admitting that she indeed did have prior experience with this situation.

It’s not recent. But I did have someone cheat on me before.

— Song Ji Hyo

Kang Ho Dong immediately pinned the blame on Kim Jong Kook, joking about the rumors from earlier in the year that the two were dating.

Song Ji Hyo also mentioned the ex-boyfriend in question was not Baek Chang Ju, CEO of C-JeS Entertainment and her last public boyfriend.

Watch the full clip of Song Ji Hyo talking about her cheating ex-boyfriend below.

Source: Seoul Daily