Song Joong Ki’s Behavior Towards His Girlfriend At Incheon Airport Resurfaces Following His Relationship Announcement

Forget Dispatch; Song Joong Ki wanted the news released on his terms!

On December 26 (KST), netizens worldwide were shocked when actor Song Joong Ki announced that he was in a relationship.

| @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Although it was first confirmed that he was dating a non-celebrity, many K-Netizens speculated that she is actually British actress Katy Louise Saunders (also known as Kate Saunders).

Since the news was announced, netizens have found adorable evidence of the relationship between the two. In particular, they were even spotted attending a wedding together. It only cemented how adorable a couple they are and sent the internet into a meltdown.

Song Joong Ki and his girlfriend | @sjkgirlfrnd via @writer_liltash/Twitter
| @sjkgirlfrnd via @writer_liltash/Twitter

Following the news of their announcement, attention has been refocused on one of the first official sightings of the duo.

Earlier in the month, Song Joong Ki returned to Korea after promotions abroad for his K-Drama Reborn Rich. Yet, what caught the attention of netizens, even before the news was announced, was that he was open with his girlfriend when walking through the airport.

Despite the large crowds of press and fans, Song Joong Ki was with her from the very beginning, even ensuring that he walked closely by her side. At one point, many thought that the actor seemingly wanted to hold hands with her but chose not to.

Even when greeting the crowds, he was still talking and interacting with his girlfriend. Walking side by side, many netizens even noticed that the two seemingly were wearing “couple outfits” in matching colors.

At the time, it seemed like a coincidence, but after their relationship was confirmed, it seemed even cuter.

Even after they got close to people at the airport, not only did he ensure that neither the person nor his girlfriend was hurt.

He then continued walking through the airport, always ensuring to stay by his girlfriend’s side, even touching shoulders as they walked.

After the announcement, Newsen reposted the video as a short and the comments were full of netizens praising Song Joong Ki for just how open he was about his relationship. While it wasn’t confirmed, he didn’t try to push her away and interacted with her throughout his time at the airport.

Many also joked on social media that Song Joong Ki had taken a job off Dispatch, revealing his own relationship.

You can read more about the couple below.

Song Joong Ki Is Gaining Attention After Netizens Realize He Mentioned Girlfriend Katy Louise Saunders In An Awards Speech

Source: Insight, Newsen and Newsen Short
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