Song Joong Ki Confirms He Is Currently In A Relationship

Congratulations to Song Joong Ki!

Song Joong Ki has confirmed that he is currently in a relationship with a British woman.

According to an exclusive report from Sports Chosun, Song Joong Ki is currently dating a non-celebrity from England. The two have been in a relationship for over one year.

The two would spend time with each other as a normal couple, with Song Joong Ki not hiding his relationship with her. For example, the two would enjoy dates near his house, Song Joong Ki would be accompanied by her on his overseas schedules, and he would visit his girlfriend for a date following his schedules for the day. Newsen noted that he arrived at Incheon International Airport with her.

In particular, it was noted that following the press conference for Reborn Rich in Singapore on December 7, Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend was at the venue and he introduced her to the staff of the drama. The two then spent time in Singapore together on a date and then returned to Korea together.

Song Joong Ki’s agency High Zium Studio confirmed his relationship status with a short statement.

Song Joong Ki is meeting a woman with good feelings. Please watch over them with a warm heart.

We ask for your understanding that information other than the fact that they are in a relationship cannot be confirmed. Please refrain from reporting unconfirmed speculation.

— High Zium Studio

Source: Sports Chosun, Newsen, Sports Chosun, Sports Chosun and Sports Chosun