Here’s How Song Joong Ki’s Dating News Is Affecting Song Hye Kyo’s Work, According To Korean Media

This is Song Hye Kyo’s first project in a while!

With the K-Entertainment industry bustling with news of actor Song Joong Ki’s relationship, attention is also gearing towards Song Hye Kyo, who will feature in the new Netflix series, The Glory.

| Netflix

Netflix revealed to Star Today, “While the new original series, ‘The Glory’ will be unveiled on December 30, the final decision has been made not to conduct interviews with the lead actors.”

Netflix added, “Since the show will be released as part one and part two, there will be no separate interviews with the leading actors (including Song Hye Kyo). In the past, there was a case where an interview with the lead actor was not conducted under similar circumstances. If necessary, we will discuss internally conducting an interview after the full series is released.”

| Netflix

It is unusual not to conduct promotional interviews with the lead actors for a highly anticipated series. Most Netflix original series have conducted interviews with its lead actors, including series separated into parts one and two.

As a result, there is speculation that Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband Song Joong Ki’s dating news may have had an impact. Some see it as a decision made by Netflix to block the possibility of questions regarding her private life during interviews.

On the other hand, The Glory, is about a woman whose soul was shattered by violence in her childhood and who risks her life to prepare for revenge.

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