Song Joong Ki’s Father Says The Divorce Was His And Song Joong Ki’s Fault

He put the blame on him and his son.

Song Joong Ki‘s father Song Yong Gak has been revealed to have sent a text message to his friends around him 8 days after the news of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo‘s divorce broke out, and also clarified some of the rumors surrounding him.

In the text message, he apologized for the divorce, and pointed the blame towards himself and his son.

I am sorry for the sudden bad news. It seems like everything is because Joong Ki and I are lacking. We will faithfully end everything well.

Please give us a lot of encouragement and guidance, and watch over us. Have a healthy and happy day.

— Song Yong Gak

Song Yong Gak has been known to show his love of Song Hye Kyo, even sending a text message to his friends promoting her drama Encounter.

Hello, this is Song Joong Ki’s father, Song Yong Gak

Our lovely daughter in law, Song Hye Kyo, will be starring in a new drama called ‘Encounter’ with Park Bo Gum. It premieres on November 28 at 9:30 pm on tvN. It will apparently show a ‘chemistry that has never been seen before’ and has received high praise as a great and emotional drama.

Because this is her first project after ‘Descendants of the Sun’ and her marriage, she is devoting herself to the drama. Please watch the broadcast and spread the word out! They say that a daughter in law is most loved by her father in law… I hope that my daughter in law’s drama does well and she can be an actress that is loved around the whole world. These are my wishes as a father in law.

Please always stay healthy and happy. Thank you.

— Song Yong Gak

Shortly after the release of the divorce news, it was reported that Song Yong Gak did not know of the divorce until it hit the media, but a separate source stated that he very likely knew about it beforehand. According to the source, Song Yong Gak was out drinking with his friends before the divorce news was released, and they stated that he did not talk as much, and drank more than usual, acting different than normal.

It was also reported that Song Yong Gak has since shut himself inside his home, not leaving after the news came out. However, he revealed to the media on July 6 that he was actually at a hospital receiving surgery for cataracts, and that is why it was difficult to contact him.