Song Joong Ki Can’t Help But Falling For “Twenty Five Twenty One” Actress Kim Tae Ri’s Charms

Their friendship is undeniable!

When it comes to K-Drama actors and actresses, there’s nothing netizens love more than seeing them showcase their support for each other. Even though the industry seems huge with so many talented people, it is a small world, and friendships are too pure.

Recently, one actor gained attention for showcasing his support to a past co-star, and it’s Song Joong Ki.

Actor Song Joong Ki | @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

Since debuting as an actor, Song Joong Ki has always gained attention for his pure personality alongside his amazing acting.

Yet, another idol who has recently captured the hearts of netizens with her own charming personality and role in Twenty Five Twenty One is actress Kim Tae Ri.

Kim Tae Ri in “Twenty Five Twenty One” | Netflix

And, of course, netizens might be surprised to realize that the two were actually co-stars after they both starred in the 2021 film Space Sweepers.

In the movie, Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri’s characters are a crew on a ship in 2092, where a new orbiting home is made for humanity, and those on Earth breathe polluted air, and there was plenty of cute interactions behind the scenes.

“Space Sweepers” promotional shot | Netflix

Even a year after the film was released, it seems like their friendship is as close as ever.

After the success of Twenty Five Twenty One, Kim Tae Ri has been treating fans to even more content. The actress has been releasing vlogs of her daily life, where she even made netizens nostalgic AF about the show ending.


Well, it seems like netizens aren’t the only ones who are enjoying the content. On May 16 (KST), Song Joong Ki posted two images on his Instagram where he was watching something on his phone with a huge smile on his face.

The caption read, “Please give lots of love to ‘Is There Here.’ #CheersSpaceSweepers,” and netizens immediately noticed that he was watching Kim Tae Ri’s vlog.

| @hi_songjoongki/Instagram
| @hi_songjoongki/Instagram 

When the image was posted, it amassed over 2.5 million likes in less than 24 hours and netizens couldn’t get over how supportive Song Joong Ki was being.

Yet, it shouldn’t be surprising that Song Joong Ki was watching. During one of her vlogs, Kim Tae Ri even gave a shout-out to Song Joong Ki after taking a picture with fellow Space Sweepers star Jin Seonk Kyu and sent it to him.


It isn’t surprising that both Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri are loved by both the Korean entertainment industry and netizens. They always showcase their love and support for everyone they work with and their true personalities seem as genuine in real life as on the screen.

You can read more about Kim Tae Ri’s vlogs below.

Actress Kim Tae Ri Can’t Seem To Get Over “Twenty Five Twenty One” Ending In Her Latest Vlog

Source: @hi_songjoongki/Instagram

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