Here’s How Song Joong Ki Is Proving His Love And Devotion To His Current Girlfriend

What a great man!

Actor Song Joong Ki, who proved his dynamic acting talent through his role as Jin Do Joon in JTBC’s Reborn Rich, has also won in love as he confirmed his relationship with his non-celebrity girlfriend. According to K-media reports, the secret to his success stems from his honesty and self-confidence.

Song Joong Ki reportedly met his girlfriend through an acquaintance last year and has been growing their love for the past year. The two gradually became lovers and formed a bond that overcame nationality and language.

Song Joong Ki with his girlfriend | Newsen

According to Korean media, Song, who has experienced the pain of love, is finally overcoming and healing his wounds with his new love. He also proved his devotion to her as he did not hide his feelings for her and confidently introduced her to his friends. It looks like his new love theory is not to hide it.

The love between a young man and a woman deserves to be celebrated. Song showed off his affection by introducing her to his friends and acquaintances in a way that did not make her feel burdened. By choosing an honest and confident public relationship rather than keeping it secret, is proof that he wants to continue a serious relationship.

A scene from the series “Reborn Rich” | JTBC

According to media reports, Song enjoys dates near his house just like any other ordinary lover, and on days when he’s not filming, he spends time with his girlfriend at restaurants and was often seen by fans. He was also able to show a more natural relationship overseas. After his official schedules, he went on dates, and she accompanied him on his overseas schedule in her personal time. Overseas fans witnessed the two and captured them on camera, gardening much attention online.

However, as Song Joong Ki has strict boundaries regarding his public and private life when he is working, he analyzes his character seriously and focuses on his work and fellow actors. Actors, directors, and production crew who worked with him did not even know that he was dating. After confirming the relationship publicly, he received an overwhelming amount of congratulations from colleagues.

Source: chosun
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