Song Joong Ki Reportedly Auditioned For A British Drama Due To Influence From His British Girlfriend, Agency Responds

Korean media insiders had claimed he auditioned for a BBC drama.

Song Joong Ki‘s agency previously confirmed that he was dating a British actress, Katy Louise Sanders. The two were spotted together at the airport and in Bali. After the initial rumors were confirmed, the media began to report that he had auditioned for a role in a BBC drama to make his entry into foreign markets. His agency responded to the rumors on December 27, 2022.

High Zium Studio claimed that it was difficult for them to give a response at the moment.

We are still in the midst of checking if he auditioned for a BBC drama. We will response as soon as we check on it.

— High Zium Studio

Korean media claimed that his girlfriend had influenced him to enter foreign markets. They reported that he had been preparing for an audition as soon as he finished filming for Vincenzo in 2021.

Back then, Korean actors had begun to make their foray into foreign markets. The discerning Song Joong Ki was preparing for an audition for a foreign drama based on his own efforts. Come to think of it, he might have been influenced by his British girlfriend.

— Insider

Previously, speculations started from his Daesang acceptance speech at the APAN Star Awards. During the speech, he thanked “Katy, Nalla, Maya, and Antes,” which were her name, his dog’s name, and her dogs’ names, according to a previous Facebook post.

Source: Ilgan Sports
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