“You Should’ve Filed It Against Me” —Songwriter For IU’s “BBI BBI” Speaks Up About Plagiarism Accusations

“I think that this clearly shows that it is only intended to scratch the artist’s reputation…”

IU recently was accused of plagiarism, with a lawsuit taken up again six of her songs. One of the songs was “BBI BBI,” which was written with songwriter Lee Jong Hoon. After hearing about the accusations, the producer spoke up on Instagram.

He firmly took responsibility for the song, and called out the accusations for going against the wrong person. He pointed out that the intention of the accusations was clear — it was done to scratch IU’s reputation, as the songwriter was not her.

Hello. This is songwriter Lee Jong Hoon. I came across an article that said “BBI BBI,” which I wrote, was filed against for plagiarism. Firstly, I can’t help but feel bad that they chose the wrong target for the plagiarism accusations. The copyright (intellectual property) belongs to the songwriter and not the singer. Even if you sue or accuse someone, you should’ve filed it against me, the songwriter.

Secondly, plagiarism is a crime of personal accusation, and any accusation or suing of a third party has zero legal effect. I think that this clearly shows that it is only intended to scratch the artist’s reputation rather than have any legal consequences.

Lastly, I worked on “BBI BBI” and did not plagiarize anything. As a result of listening to the YouTube compilation video that claims similarities with various songs, apart from the characteristics of the hip-hop and r&b music genre, you can actually see the differences and the uniqueness of the chord progression, song set-up, and the instrument and other aspects of arrangement.

To find out the exact situation, I have tried to check the details of the accusation. However, EDAM Entertainment has told me that I have not yet been allowed the right to check the accusation file, and it would be difficult to check on the details. After which, if there is any need for it, I will gladly undertake any explanation and participate in the legal proceedings to set right any misunderstandings and correct the situation.

This is not only stemming from my firm determination to protect my own creation but so as to help the creative environment of other existing songwriters develop in a more desirable way.

Thank you.

— Lee Jong Hoon

You can read more about the accusations below. A total of six songs were accused, including “A Good Day,” “Celebrity,” “BOO,” “Pitiful,” “The Red Shoes,” and “BBI BBI.”

Disgruntled Korean Reports IU To Police For Alleged Plagiarism


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