Songwriter Of IZ*ONE’s “Secret Story Of The Swan” Reveals What It Was Originally Supposed To Be Called

He also explained why they changed it to the current title.

YouTube channel AYO invited two professional songwriters to their “Comment Defenders” series to discuss everything from the idol composers who are not greedy for parts to why singers usually have only one main producer.

The songwriters were none other than Big Sancho and Son Yeong Jin who are both veterans in the industry. The former worked on songs like (G)I-DLE‘s “LATATA”, HyunA‘s “Red”, and Namjoo‘s “Bird”.

Big Sancho (Left) and Son Yeong Jin (Right)
The latter also made popular tracks like BTOB‘s “It’s Okay”. With over 130 songs under his belt, he’s built a strong portfolio. His most recent hit was none other than IZ*ONE‘s “Secret Story of the Swan”.

One comment praised the unexpected charm of IZ*ONE’s latest comeback.

IZ*ONE’s ‘Secret Story of a Swan’ is a surprise. I thought it would be dreamlike and sentimental because of the title. But it was surprising because it had an unexpected, strong feel, and that strong feel is actually pretty good.

— Comment

Son Yeong Jin sincerely thanked the person behind the comment. He explained that the reason for the song’s surprising charm was because of the production team’s own values.

Our motto is to not write anything obvious. If you listen to ‘Secret Story of the Swan’, you can feel power that’s unlike the title.

— Son Yeong Jin

The songwriter revealed that the original title for “Secret Story of the Swan” was simply “Swan”. In order to make a more interesting song, they contrasted the sweet feeling of the title with the heavy beats of the song.

At the chorus, it goes ‘swan, swan, swan’. While producing, we had the same opinion that it would be better if we changed the title to ‘Secret Story of the Swan’, so we did.

— Son Yeong Jin

If you want to see the songwriters spill more industry secrets, check out the video below!