SOPA Graduate Shares Touching Incident Of How They Protected BTS’s Jungkook From Zealous Fans During Graduation

Fans got a little too close for comfort.

BTS‘s Jungkook is one of the most famous graduates from School of Performing Arts (SOPA) in Seoul. SOPA is the alma mater to hundreds of idols. In a recently published video interview, one of Jungkook’s schoolmates, a junior called Choi Hyejeong, shared an incident that happened during his graduation ceremony.

Jungkook had so many fans that whenever he showed up at school, it was common for the hallways to be crowded. However, this posed a problem especially during his graduation. All the entrances and exits were way too crowded to be used smoothly.

Upon the news of his arrival at the ceremony, many reporters and fans present gathered around him.

The students of SOPA acted quickly upon their teacher’s orders and started to form a human barricade to protect the star. Hyejeong shared that she linked hands with two complete strangers to block fans from intruding into the walkway.

The human barricade had to continue for most of the graduation ceremony to let the graduates sit in peace.

Her schoolmate also shared that many fansites would rest their huge cameras on the shoulders of the students forming the barricade to get good shots.

In order to protect the idols’ privacy, the student council staff would use their thumbs to swipe across the lens. This would create a fingerprint, preventing the fansites from getting clear photos easily.

In the end, one of the teachers grabbed Jungkook’s arm and steered him through the crowd to his destination.

Fans can get a little rowdy at times, so it’s a relief that Jungkook’s schoolmates were so willing to help! Jungkook graduated from SOPA in 2017.

Check out the full video below!