Soribada Claims EXO Was Excluded From the Bonsang Candidate List Due to an Error

Soribada assured fans that EXO will be added to the candidate list.

Soribada Best K-Music Awards, which is an annual event that celebrates the best in K-Pop, recently angered fans by excluding EXO from the Bonsang candidate list due to the withdrawal of a member.

EXO Wasn’t Nominated As A Candidate For The Bonsang Award, Soribada Responds

As soon as the news spread, fans were confused as no member of EXO has withdrawn, and that was not a nominee criteria of the award, to begin with.

And three days later, Soribada released a formal apology to correct their error and clarify that EXO will indeed be included in the Bonsang candidate list.

The statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is the Soribada Awards Organizing Commitee.

This announcement is to address the notice relating to the Bonsang Award candidate list that was shared on Soribada’s homepage.

In the process of communication and preparation by the business team and agency in charge of the awards ceremony, we’ve confirmed that there was a crucial error such as information omission. We would like to sincerely apologize to fans who were worried as a result. The group, EXO as well as all of its members will be added to the list of Bonsang Award candidates.

Aside from EXO, we’ve also discovered another artist that was omitted from the Bonsang candidate list, and the case is currently under review. Regarding the added candidates to the Bonsang candidate list, we will release a formal notice on June 16.

We would like to once again apologize to fans for causing them confusion.

We will be sure to perfect our operations so that no additional mistakes are made.

Thank you.

– Soribada Awards Organizing Commitee