South Korea blasts news of Kim Jong Nam’s death to North Korea via speakers

South Korea has been letting its neighbor to the north know the gruesome news about their leader’s brother.

Through a series of giant loudspeakers strategically placed along the border of the two countries, South Korea blasted this statement over the border to the North,

“Kim Jong Nam has been assassinated by 2 unidentified women at the Kuala Lumpur international airport in Malaysia. Authorities say the four suspects involved are North Koreans and one has been arrested.”

Tests revealed that the weapon used to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s half brother was VX Nerve Agent and his assassin was allegedly a big fan of South Korean culture, possibly visiting the country multiple times.

The giant loudspeakers that the South has set up usually broadcast news stories from South Korea and the world. They also play K-Pop songs such as BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang” and Apink‘s “Just Let Us Love”. While North Koreans are almost completely isolated from the rest of the world, citizens living in the country still enjoy South Korean music, dramas, and movies. Most of the South Korean content that enters the North comes via smuggled CDs, DVDs and USB drives through China, but South Korea has also been sending large balloons over the border that contain USB drives, DVDs, and leaflets.

South Koreans will send these balloons over the border in an effort to inform the North Korean citizens about life in the South.

Source: New York Post