“Sex Doll Rooms” Are On The Rise In Korea… And Netizens Are Baffled By The Idea

Warning: This article contains NSFW pictures of actual sex dolls.

In June 2019, the South Korean Supreme Court has made it legal for the country to import certain types of sex dolls — despite the opposition.

South Koreans protesting against sex dolls

That, in combination of the fact that the country has no adequate regulations for the production and distribution of these sex dolls, has fueled the sex doll industry to expand tremendously in less than a year.

An advertisement for a sex doll room, displayed in a building

While the idea of allowing these lifelike silicone sex dolls continues to be controversial for Koreans, the need steadily grows across the country. A recent news coverage revealed that a “sex doll room” — where users can pay an hourly fee to use a rental sex doll — is actually a business on the rise.

Inside a sex doll room business

An online review of one of these sex doll rooms reads, “I went during the $40 for 2 hours promotion period. The motel was open 24 hours, so that was good. This is my third time using the service.”

A sex doll inside one of the rooms

As this review suggests, these “sex doll rooms” can be operated in motel rooms that are not booked for accommodation.

A sex doll staged for sex doll room advertisement

The coverage also revealed that these businesses are running rampant in metropolitan areas like Seoul, Gimpo, and Suwon — in leased studios and office spaces.

An actual ad for a sex doll room in Hongdae area, Seoul

Korea’s First Legal Sex Doll Room!
– Registered business operating legally
– One genital part per user for sanitation
– Genital part warmer for realistic body warmth
– Moaning feature included in the doll for maximum satisfaction
Location: Seoul Mapo, near Hongdae Station
Business Hours: 24 Hours, 365 Days

With that said, Koreans have become concerned with the “safety” of these operations — netizens are worried not only about the ethics of this all, but also the overall hygiene.

Unfortunately, because the silicone dolls are not actually human, such businesses are dodging the legalities that prohibit prostitution in the country.

Inside another sex doll room

So until South Korea drafts up specific laws to regulate such operations, these sex dolls will remain available for rent at a range between $20-$40 per hour. 

A sex doll similar to the ones being rented in these businesses

What are your thoughts? Should these sex doll room businesses be allowed to continue operating?

Source: MBN News and THEQOO