South Korean Man Breaks Into Home And Forces A Couple To Have Sex

The police are still investigating.

South Korea has had its fair share of trouble lately. Dramatic cases of daily crime and struggle have been popping up on the news and May 30, 2022, saw a report of a man in his thirties forcing a couple to have sex.

A South Korean man in his thirties broke into a one-room flat and tied a couple in their twenties up. The couple had been in their home in Pohang city around 5 am on May 28, 2022. The man broke into the second-floor window and subdued the pair into coercion. After he tied them up, he threatened them and forced them to have sex in front of him.

Pohang police station. | DB

After watching the two have sex, he fled the scene. The pair immediately reported the matter to the police and the man was caught in his own home within the hour. The man has since been charged by the police for breaking and entering, as well as threat and sexual harassment but his case is still being investigated for any other crimes.

You can read more about various crime and happenings in Korean society here. Just last month in April 2022, a teacher in his forties was reported for pursuing his young student romantically.

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