South Korean Man Stalks Woman Home From Subway Station And Forces His Way Into Her House

It is not the first time such a case has happened.

A spine-chilling case has hit South Korea. While man-on-woman crime is not uncommon in the country, this one takes place in broad daylight. Although it was at 6 in the morning, the sun rises at 5am in the summer season, making it bright and sunny when the crime happened.

A man had followed a woman from the gantry at Daeheung Station in Mapo-gu, South Korea. He tailed her from the station to her neighborhood. When she turned around in suspicion, he pretended to enter a different building.

He tailed her in close proximity.

He made a left turn to avoid suspicion.

He even went as far as opening the door of the other building to place some distance between him and the woman.

He immediately gave chase once the woman was a building in front of him.

It was reported that he followed her to her doorstep and had even gotten a foot in the door. The woman acted quickly and managed to force the door shut despite that. He was seen fleeing from the scene as soon as he failed.

The police is currently investigating the case with the help of the CCTV footage. This is not the first time such a case has happened in South Korea. Previously, a similar case happened in Sillim-dong, where a man tailed a woman home at 4am. Thankfully she shut the door before he even got a foot in. You can read about it below.

Footage Of Sexual Assault Attempt Caught On CCTV Terrifies Koreans, Now Under Investigation

Source: theqoo

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