“Soyeon And I Clash A Lot”: (G)-IDLE’s Yuqi Spills On Her True Dynamic With The Group’s Leader

She didn’t hold back.

The success of (G)-IDLE is admittedly inseparable from its leader Soyeon‘s active contribution in curating each comeback with interesting concepts and fresh sounds. But some people seem to assume that because of the added weightage of her responsibilities, the group dynamic in (G)-IDLE is not as close as others. Well, Yuqi just gave a new perspective to those who might be curious about this issue.

Yuqi appeared as a guest on comedian Park Mi Sun’s YouTube channel MISUN: IMPOSSIBLE. The duo kicked off the episode by joking that they are a family because both are managed by Cube Entertainment. Yuqi is already known for her unfiltered nature, and during the entire episode, she maintained that same honest temperament with Park while they talked about this and that.

When the host asked Yuqi why she joined Cube, she replied that as a 4Minute fan, she felt the company would be a good match for her dreams of becoming a singer. But then she swiftly added it was also because Cube assured her that she would be able to debut soon if she decided to join.

After a short preview of the “Queencard” music video, Park asked Yuqi if she and Soyeon ever have clashes. Yuqi answered without hesitation that they actually get into fights quite a lot.

Park Mi Sun: Don’t you clash with leader Soyeon? Isn’t she also quite a strong character?

Yuqi: Soyeon and I clash like crazy. We really fight a lot.

But unlike what outsiders sometimes like to project, these fights are not a result of her distance from Soyeon. It is, in fact, quite the contrary. Yuqi explained that since she and Soyeon have an honest attitude, they get into conflicts. But the more they fight, the more they get closer.

Yuqi: But the reason why Soyeon unnie and I clash is that both of us are very honest. The more we fight, the closer we become.

She also added that she might clash with Soyeon because her MBTI type is ENFJ, so she has a leader-like mindset.

Park Mi Sun: What’s your MBTI?
Yuqi: ENFJ.

Yuqi: Maybe that’s why I clash with Soyeon. I want to be a leader.

Park Mi Sun also felt that the fights between the two (G)-IDLE members only prove that their team dynamic is very healthy. If they didn’t have that easy relationship with each other, it would have been impossible for Yuqi to be so open about their conflicts like that.

Park Mi Sun: But honestly, the way I see it, you can talk about fighting like that because the dynamic among your teammates is that healthy. If you didn’t have that healthy relationship, you wouldn’t be able to talk about fighting or not getting along in front of others like this. This is a really healthy sign.

Trust and believe queen Yuqi to shut down all malicious rumors with her effortless honesty!


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