Former T-ARA Member Soyeon’s Label Responds To Allegations Stemming From Her Absence At Jiyeon’s Wedding

T-ARA members Hyomin, Eunjung, and Qri did attend Jiyeon’s wedding.

Former T-ARA member Soyeon‘s label responded to allegations that the singer was not on good terms with T-ARA’s Jiyeon, which stemmed from Soyeon’s absence at Jiyeon‘s wedding.

Soyeon | The Korea Times

Jiyeon and her husband, Hwang Jae Gyun, got married on December 10 at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

| @jiyeon2__/Instagram
| @jiyeon2__/Instagram

Attending the wedding was fellow T-ARA members Eunjung, Hyomin, and Qri, as well as Jiyeon‘s renowned best friend, IU.

IU Is The Bestest Friend Ever At T-ARA Jiyeon’s Wedding

Missing, however, was former member Soyeon. Soyeon’s absence on Jiyeon’s big day led some netizens to allege that the two must not on be on good terms.

Soyeon’s agency, Think Entertainment, responded to the allegations, stating that Soyeon’s absence may be due to the fact that she lives in Jeju-do with her husband. The label added that Soyeon has retreated from her celebrity life and that they aren’t able to reach her.

Soyeon is currently living in Jeju-do with her husband. We aren’t able to reach her at this time. Soyeon has minimized her communication with the entertainment industry, and thus, we aren’t privy to what her intentions are.

— Think Entertainment

According to reports, Soyeon and her footballer husband, Jo Yoo Min, have been staying in Jeju-do since December 9 to help Jo Yoo Min recuperate from the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Jo Yoo Min (left) and Soyeon (right) | MBC News

Soyeon can be seen uploading photos from her vacation in Jeju-do onto her Instagram.

Source: Osen and Wikitree
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