Spire Entertainment Literally Shuts The Door On Reporter Asking About OMEGA X

KBS2 aired a segment about Spire Entertainment’s abuse of OMEGA X.

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This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

Spire Entertainment literally shut its door on a reporter.

KBS2 TV aired a segment today, discussing Spire Entertainment’s abuse of K-Pop boy group OMEGA X. After their North American tour concluded this year, it was exposed that the CEO had been verbally, psychologically, and physically abusing and sexually harassing the members for months.

The feature did a full recap of the scandal. It also included a short interview with OMEGA X’s legal representatives, speaking about the issues.

As most reporters do when covering any controversial topic, they offer to allow both sides to speak their part. So, a KBS2 reporter went to Spire Entertainment…

Our producer directly went to the agency for the truth.

— KBS2

The brief video showed KBS2’s POV attempting to enter Spire Entertainment’s building. A staff from the company cracked open the door to speak with the reporter, but as soon as OMEGA X was mentioned, the door was shut with no word.

‘Hello, we’re from KBS. OMEGA X…’ We didn’t get an answer.

— KBS2

FOR X (OMEGA X fans) find Spire Entertainment’s response to KBS2 ironic. On the first trial day, Spire Entertainment begged OMEGA X to give the company a second chance. Yet, they won’t acknowledge the group to reporters.

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