Spire Entertainment Begs OMEGA X To Give Them “One More Chance” After CEO’s Abuse Scandal

The first hearing regarding the group’s exclusive contract termination was held.

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This article includes descriptions of bullying, graphic content, and violence that may disturb some readers.

OMEGA X went to court to end their exclusive contract with Spire Entertainment, but the company is begging for a second chance despite their previous abuse.

In August, OMEGA X were seemingly banned from using their social media. After that, the group carried out their tour of North America, 2022 OMEGA X WORLD TOUR [CONNECT: Don’t give up], which was also fraught with issues. Still, the members kept FOR X (fandom) updated with daily posts on the group’s shared Twitter account.

OMEGA X in Los Angeles | @OmegaX_official/Twitter

After the tour wrapped with OMEGA X’s final show in Los Angeles, FOR X reported witnessing the members being verbally and physically abused by Spire Entertainment‘s CEO, Kang Seong Hee. SBS News also released a video showing Kang Seong Hee both verbally and physically abusing OMEGA X leader Jaehan, who appeared to be having a panic attack. Such attacks toward the members continued at their hotel, and additional witnesses reported more instances of mistreatment.

Not only did additional witnesses report witnessing even more instances of mistreatment, but OMEGA X were stranded in Los Angeles as many staff left for Korea while the members’ plane tickets were canceled. It was reported that they were forced to pay for their own flights back to Korea (some with their parents’ help), which are priced on an average ₩975,000 KRW (about $675 USD), and they have since safely arrived in Korea on October 25.

We realized that the seats we originally booked could lead to the members sitting mixed with fans. So we talked about potentially canceling the tickets from three days ago. It is not true that we left the members behind on purpose.

— Spire Entertainment

OMEGA X held a press conference on November 16, revealing the verbal, physical, and psychological abuse as well as sexual harassment they faced at the hands of CEO Kang. Although she allegedly resigned from her position on November 8, the members had reason to doubt due to her relationship with Spire Entertainment’s Chairman, and sure enough, it was recently revealed that she holds another position at the company.

Spire Entertainment Plans To Debut New Group As CEO Kang Manages Trainees Despite OMEGA X Abuse Scandal

Additionally, OMEGA X is pressing charges against Kang, applied for termination of their exclusive contract with Spire Entertainment, and have applied for all related trademarks to their group and fandom.

We will proceed with pressing charges against the former CEO for threatening, assaulting, and exploiting the members. First, we will apply for nullifying the exclusive contract for OMEGA X’s activities.

— OMEGA X’s legal represntative

| 비하인드 BEHIND /YouTube

Today, December 7, was the first hearing for OMEGA X’s application to end their exclusive contract with Spire Entertainment. The members expressed to the press that they were nervous but trusting for the best results. The trial was held at 2:20 pm at the Eastern District Court in Seoul.

SBS News reported the outcome of the first day of the trial. Spire Entertainment demanded the maintain the contract, begging for “one more chance.” They claim that they will give OMEGA X a new set of staff.

Spire Entertainment addressed the situation regarding flight cancelation. While previously they claimed it was so members would not be mixed with fans on the flight, the company’s legal rep said that it was because there were no available seats at the time. When they went to make the reservation again, there were already reports about it in the media. OMEGA X’s legal representatives denied these claims, saying Kang had previously threatened to cancel their flights.

The company also defended Kang’s relationship with the members. Not only did the company claim the members referred to her as “mom,” but she herself recently said that she was like a “mother” to them.

OMEGA X members had a special relationship with Director Kang and would call her ‘Mom’ and told her they loved her. The company was not aware that Director Kang had cursed at the members. The company hopes that implementing corrective measures will clear the misunderstanding among members, and (both sides) will be able to trust each other once more.

— Spire Entertainment legal representatives

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Yet, Spire Entertainment could not deny that they were guilty of verbally abusing OMEGA X. Still, they defended it due to “various circumstances.” 

We aren’t denying that we, as creditors, cursed at the debtors. Although we could never justify the verbal abuse, we would like to state that there were various circumstances surrounding the incident.

— Spire Entertainment legal representatives

OMEGA X’s legal representatives reiterated the goal to terminate the contract, reminding the court of the severity of the abuse the members had faced due to Spire Entertainment.

Trust with the company has been irreparably broken by the (company’s) verbal abuse, physical assault, inappropriate requests (forcing the members to consume alcohol and sexual harassment), etc.

— OMEGA X legal representatives

OMEGA X revealed they had not received any settlement after the tour concluded. Spire Entertainment claimed that OMEGA X’s albums had not generated any revenue, and the tour had not been settled.

Ultimately, the court ordered that Spire Entertainment and OMEGA X’s members must both submit additional contract documentation concerning the consignment and exclusive contracts by December 21 and December 14, respectively. The next trial date will be decided later, though. OMEGA X plan to submit recordings from August as evidence.

Source: SBS News

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