OMEGA X’s Legal Representative Reveals The Sexual Harassment The Members Faced From CEO Kang

“If women were the victims, it would be ruled as a serious criminal offense.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

OMEGA X held a press conference on November 16, 2022, to make their official stance against Spire Entertainment and CEO Kang. It was previously revealed that CEO Kang had verbally and physically abused the members.

Guys, I was waiting outside for the Uber Eats I ordered and saw the company CEO hitting the members. I didn’t know what to do since my hands were shaking so much. They were being hit right in front of me, but I couldn’t do anything.

— @hwi_418/Twitter

During the press conference, the members revealed the threats they had received from the CEO, involving pressure to drink and more. The members claimed that CEO Kang had threatened them with the possibility of withholding their next album.

During the press conference, OMEGA X’s legal representative also revealed the extent of sexual harassment the members faced under CEO Kang. Not only did she touch them inappropriately, but she also made them listen to her breathing noises.

She touched their thighs or put her face close to the members, making them feel her breathing. If women were the victims, it would be ruled as a severe criminal offense.

— OMEGA X’s Legal Representative

This comes along with previous sexual harassment accusations where it was claimed that CEO Kang had sat too close to the members, linked arms or held hands with them and more.

CEO Kang linking arms and leaning on a member. | SBS

Previously, OMEGA X’s CEO was caught physically and verbally abusing the members following their concert in Los Angeles. SPIRE Entertainment then released an official statement and resigned as CEO. Most recently, the members opened a new Instagram account regardless of their social media ban to communicate the situation to fans.

Source: 10Asia

Spire Entertainment’s Abuse of OMEGA X

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