OMEGA X Arrive Safely In Korea Amidst Growing Concern From Netizens

The members had to purchase their own tickets.

On October 24, SBS News made an exclusive report that OMEGA X members were not able to return to Korea after their final Los Angeles leg of the 2022 OMEGA X WORLD TOUR [CONNECT: Don’t give up]. Initially, the members had tickets to fly back to Korea on October 23. However, seemingly after the online circulation of Spire Entertainment‘s CEO Kang Seong Hee‘s abuse towards the members, SBS News verified that the members’ tickets were canceled the morning of the planned flight.

OMEGA X in Los Angeles | @OmegaX_official/Twitter

Unlike the members of OMEGA X, the production staff that was also in Los Angeles did board the flight back to Korea.

In a phone call with SBS News, CEO Kang Seong Hee suggested that “the flight schedule had been subject to change for the past three days.” Allegedly OMEGA X’s tickets were canceled to prevent the members from “sitting with the fans.

We realized that the seats we originally booked could lead to the members sitting mixed with fans. So we talked about potentially canceling the tickets since three days ago. It is not true that we left the members behind on purpose.

— Spire Entertainment

However, this unexpected schedule change raised further alarm from fans worried about the group, continually trending #ProtectOMEGAX to raise awareness of the situation.

Evidence of CEO Kang Seong Hee’s abuse of the group first surfaced with an audio recording uploaded on October 23 by an individual who had overheard the CEO screaming at and abusing the members.

Guys, I was waiting outside for the Uber Eats that I ordered and I saw the company CEO hitting the members. I really didn’t know what to do since my hands were shaking so much. They were being hit right in front of me but I couldn’t do anything.

— @hwi_418

When the allegations first surfaced, Spire Entertainment released a statement suggesting they would look into the matter.

They are still in the United States so we are unable to get into contact with them. We will make our position clear as soon as we can confirm the situation.

— Spire Entertainment

| @OmegaX_official/Twitter

Later that day, Spire Entertainment released another statement where Spire Entertainment admitted that the situation had occurred at a team-wide dinner and that “voices were raised” while talking about the tour.

Hello, this is OMEGA X’s management Spire Entertainment.

First, we would like to sincerely apologize for causing you concern with the recent news. As of October 22 (local time), OMEGA X completed their first world tour, ‘CONNECT : Don’t give up,’ in Los Angeles. Following the month-long tour, which began in Guadalajara, Mexico, on September 16 and ended in LA, USA, on October 22, we had a celebratory team-wide dinner. The conversation, which has circulated online via social media, was recorded at that dinner.

At the time, having completed all legs of the tour, the OMEGA X members and Spire Entertainment team were discussing the hard work that went into the concerts, as well as the future that is to come. During this discussion, we also talked about certain moments that caused disappointments in one another. And in doing so, the conversation got heated, and voices were raised.

— Spire Entertainment

Spire Entertainment also claimed that they “kept communicating after dinner” and that both “Spire Entertainment and the members have since resolved all hard feelings,” deciding “to continue moving forward together.

Please note that we kept communicating after dinner. And Spire Entertainment and the members have since resolved all hard feelings. We have concluded to continue moving forward together, all the while being more considerate toward one another.

— Spire Entertainment

Spire Entertainment also apologized to fans for any concerns arising from the audio clip.

This past month on tour, getting to meet the fans from all around the world who love and support the members, has been an inarguably meaningful time for both OMEGA X and the managing team at Spire Entertainment. And while we have tried everything in our powers to keep our promises with the fans, we apologize for having caused such concern in the end.

Spire Entertainment would like to thank the fans again for wholeheartedly supporting OMEGA X. As the name ‘OMEGA X’ suggests, the group will continue to share and create valuable moments from the beginning to the end; and we, as the management, promise to protect both OMEGA X and the fans through these moments.

Again, we extend our sincerest apologies for the situation.

— Spire Entertainment

Later, in the phone call with SBS News discussing the members’ canceled flight tickets, CEO Kang Seong Hee personally addressed the situation, confirming that it was her voice in the recorded conversation and explaining that she “acted out of disappointment,” despite typically being “extremely polite toward the members.” The CEO also alleged that the situation is “a one-sided allegation started by an ‘anti-fan.'”

It’s a one-sided allegation started by an anti-fan who is hostile toward the management.

I was exhausted because I’ve been up for several nights in a row. I even had a bloody nose because I was so tired. But the members didn’t think to make me feel better. They didn’t care about me. So I felt upset and acted out of disappointment.

Usually, I’m extremely polite toward the members. I even use honorifics when I talk to them.

— Spire Entertainment

But despite the CEO’s claims, other netizens came forward, speaking out about having witnessed Spire Entertainment’s abuse of OMEGA X.

One netizen spoke up about their mother having witnessed OMEGA X being yelled at by a woman at the airport while the group was stuck in Chile.

Another netizen was staying at the same hotel as OMEGA X in Los Angeles, and after Spire Entertainment’s statement explaining that the situation had been “resolved,” the netizen claimed to have seen Hangyeom in the lobby with a manager around 2:30 AM. Unlike what Spire Entertainment’s statement suggested, the netizen claimed that the atmosphere was “very tense and awkward.”

Later SBS News revealed the video footage taken from the night CEO Kang Seong Hee verbally and physically abused OMEGA X in Los Angeles, especially Jaehan.

The video shows the group standing in a parking lot outside of a restaurant, and CEO Kang Seong Hee can be heard shouting at the members.

Kang: Go on, say your piece!

Kang: Do you really think you deserved to be loved by all these people, you b*stards?

Kang: You don’t even know what it means to be loved. You’re all just f*cking manipulative.

Kang: What, are you superstars now?

Kang: It’s not like you made it all the way here on your own.

The video shows Jaehan sitting down, seemingly exhausted and reportedly suffering from a panic attack. However, CEO Kang Seong Hee continues to abuse the group verbally.

Kang: Dying of exhaustion, huh? Kim Jaehan!

Kang: (Mockingly) Poor Mister Kim. Just quit being an idol, really. You’re sick all the time.

CEO Kang Seong Hee continues to berate the group in the video as Jaehan starts getting up, and the group moves to the car. A voice behind the camera recording is even heard asking if they should request that the driver lock the car door or if they should walk back to the hotel.

OMEGA X: Should we ask to have the [car] doors locked?

OMEGA X: Or should we walk back? It is a whole 12 blocks away, though.

The video continues at the hotel lobby where CEO Kang Seong Hee not only screams at the members of OMEGA X across the lobby but grabs Jaehan before he can enter an elevator, causing him to fall. Even as others help Jaehan, the CEO stays hostile.

Kang: Have any of you done this for me? When I was struggling, have you ever taken care of me this way?

Kang: Who do you think you are? Huh? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

OMEGA X: He’s about to lose consciousness.

Kang: Well, I’ve been there already.

SBS News also revealed more of their phone conversation with CEO Kang Seong Hee, where she denied having abused Jaehan and the other members.

Kang: Oh, no. Not at all. Who raised voices?

Kang: It’s just that in front of the hotel elevators, Jaehan kept falling to his feet. And I wanted to pass out right then and there, too.

Kang: I was just disappointed in how he was acting, that’s all.

Kang: I did ask the members if they ever thought to take care of me [like that]. 

You can listen to the full video transcript here.

Two close friends of OMEGA X, SPECTRUM‘s Dongkyu (OMEGA X’s Jaehan was a member of SPECTRUM) and SNUPER‘s Taewoong (OMEGA X’s Sebin is also a member of SNUPER), have also spoken up about the abuse that OMEGA X has received, calling out Spire Entertainment for their treatment.

Former SPECTRUM’s Dongkyu

You’re probably the “Anti”
I won’t curse you out here since I’ve already done it a lot vocally
How dare you about my dongsaeng
How dare someone like you

— Dongkyu

SNUPER Taewoong’s Instagram story

SBS News then released another exclusive report, explaining that the members of OMEGA X and one manager were finally able to board a flight back to Korea on October 24.

Because of the cancellation of their tickets, the members were reportedly forced to purchase their tickets using their money, which are priced on an average ₩975,000 KRW (about $675 USD).

The cheapest flight from Los Angeles to Seoul for the next day is ₩975,000 KRW (about $675 USD). The cheapest nonstop flight is almost 50% more expensive at ₩1.33 million KRW (about $920 USD).

The members of OMEGA X have since arrived safely in Korea alongside the one staff member that traveled with them. Despite the circumstances, the members still politely greeted reporters and fans who were waiting for them.

| 비하인드 BEHIND/YouTube 
| 비하인드 BEHIND/YouTube 
| 비하인드 BEHIND/YouTube 

Fans are relieved to see that OMEGA X have returned to Korea safely.

However, many are also raising concerns that the chairman of Spire Entertainment greeted the members upon their arrival.

You can read more about fans’ concerns here.

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