OMEGA X Reportedly Forced To Purchase Their Own Flights Home, Police Dispatched To Their Hotel Due To Agency CEO

They had to spend their own money so they could get home.

The members of OMEGA X reportedly had to purchase their flights home while police were dispatched to their hotel rooms after their flights were canceled.

According to an exclusive report from SBS News, the members of OMEGA X and one manager were finally able to board a flight to return home to Korea on October 24. Initially, the members were scheduled to leave on October 23 after their concert in Los Angeles, but a representative from the company canceled their flight ticket, and the group was stranded in Los Angeles.

As a result, the members were reportedly forced to purchase their flight tickets home using their own money, and some members had to have their parents help them with the airfare costs, which are priced on average ₩975,000 KRW (about $675 USD).

The cheapest flight from Los Angeles to Seoul for the next day is ₩975,000 KRW (about $675 USD). The cheapest nonstop flight is almost 50% more expensive at ₩1.33 million KRW (about $920 USD).

Even after the cancellation of their flight, Spire Entertainment‘s CEO Kang Seong Hee reportedly still caused a commotion with the members. SBS reported that she was confronted by hotel security due to causing a commotion in the hotel hallway, continuously knocking on the doors of the hotel rooms the members were staying. They also noted that it was belatedly made known that the local police were dispatched to the hotel twice.

Earlier, it was reported that Spire Entertainment’s CEO was caught verbally and physically abusing a group member. Later, a video of the incident was released by SBS, and friends of the group also called out against Kang Seong Hee.

Source: SBS

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