Netizens Show Appreciation For OMEGA X’s Leader Jaehan Following Abuse By Spiral Entertainment CEO

Fans bring attention to the merits of OMEGA X and their leader.

Fans of OMEGA X are raising serious concerns about the members following the release of evidence of multiple instances in which they were abused by their management. In a show of support for the members, fans are now also showing heartfelt appreciation for their talent and wholesome attitude, particularly leader Jaehan.

Jaehan | @OmegaX_members/Twitter

In August of 2022, fans became concerned after OMEGA X were seemingly banned from using their social media. After that, the group carried out their tour of North America, 2022 OMEGA X WORLD TOUR [CONNECT: Don’t give up], which was also fraught with issues.

OMEGA X in Los Angeles | @OmegaX_official/Twitter

Toward the end of October, it was reported that the members were being verbally and physically abused by Spire Entertainment‘s CEO, Kang Seong Hee. Spire Entertainment addressed the issue in a statement not long after, explaining that “voices were raised” during a discussion of the tour between the management and the members.

Following the month-long tour, which began in Guadalajara, Mexico, on September 16 and ended in LA, USA, on October 22, we had a celebratory team-wide dinner. The conversation, which has circulated online via social media, was recorded at that dinner.

At the time, having completed all legs of the tour, the OMEGA X members and Spire Entertainment team were discussing the hard work that went into the concerts, as well as the future that is to come. During this discussion, we also talked about certain moments that caused disappointments in one another. And in doing so, the conversation got heated, and voices were raised.

— Spire Entertainment

When OMEGA X were seemingly left stranded in Los Angeles and forced to pay for their own flight back to Korea (some with their parents’ help), CEO Kang Seong Hee’s statement left fans infuriated. Spire Entertainment faced even more backlash after a video was released by SBS that showed Kang Seong Hee verbally abusing and then physically assaulting leader Jaehan, who appeared to be having a panic attack at the time.

With additional witness accounts of the abuse that took place, Spire Entertainment’s treatment of OMEGA X has become impossible for the industry to ignore. FOR X (fans of OMEGA X) are raising awareness of the issue by trending not only “#ProtectOMEGAX” and other hashtags but also by calling attention to the merits of the group and its leader.

Jaehan has been the leader of OMEGA X since the summer of 2022. Though it hasn’t been long, his approach to leadership has earned him praise, especially since he claimed to owe his position to his members.

In addition to being an incredibly talented vocalist…

…Jaehan has also proven his skills as a composer.

He is also a budding actor. Fellow member Yechan and he were cast as the two lead characters in the webtoon-based BL K-Drama, titled A Shoulder To Cry On, earlier this year.

“A Shoulder To Cry On” poster | Picturesque

Fans have praised him for his hardworking attitude, warmth, and positivity.

Not to mention he’s got the visual part down!

| @mihermosaVENUS/Twitter
| @mihermosaVENUS/Twitter

OMEGA X is a group full of talented and deserving artists, and fans are hoping to one day see them show what they can do with the support and backing that they deserve from their managing company.

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