Production Team For “Sponsor” Delivers Actor Lee Ji Hoon’s Response After A Staff Accuses Him Of Indirectly Threatening Them

He clarified the matter.

Previously, it was reported that actor Lee Ji Hoon had fallen into controversy when a staff from his drama, Sponsor, stepped up to accuse Lee Ji Hoon of indirectly threatening them. According to the staff, Lee Ji Hoon had brought his friend to the set and the friend had cursed at the staff member while Lee Ji Hoon looked on. The producing company, iHQ, previously stated that they would check with Lee Ji Hoon on the matter through the production team.

As such, Lee Ji Hoon has delivered his statement on the matter through the production team for Sponsor.

Hello. This is the production team for Sponsor. Firstly, we apologize for delivering bad news. We will share the production team’s standpoint for the matter that arose on site. Lee Ji Hoon and his friend came into conflict with the staff on site. But what happened after was due to the misunderstandings they had towards each other. Lee Ji Hoon conveys his apologies for not having more wisely and maturely dealing with it and for the conflict between his friend and the staff. Currently, he is anxious as he is unable to contact the relevant party. We hope desperately that no one else will be harmed by the distorted information that isn’t true. In the future, we will pay more attention to make sure that the production environment will not give rise to any more conflicts. We are sorry for worrying many people.

— Sponsor Production Team

Actor Lee Ji Hoon, who recently starred in River Where The Moon Rises, and is currently filming for a new drama, Sponsor.

Source: Star Today