“Squid Game” Actress Lee Yoo Mi Dresses Up As Another Iconic Character From The Show For Halloween

She slayed!

Netflix‘s Korean thriller Squid Game became an instant hit worldwide. The storyline keeps one on the edge of their seat mixed with relatable characters played by a lovable cast. It was no surprise that it became this year’s series that no one could stop talking about.

“Squid Game” poster | Netflix

Sae Byeok and Ji Young especially played by Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi respectively, have been audience favorites due to their chemistry and the actresses’ stunning visuals.

Lee Yoo Mi as Ji Young (left) and Jung Ho Yeon as Sae Byeok (right) in “Squid Game.” | Netflix

It’s no wonder Lee Yoo Mi went from 43,000 to 408,000 followers almost overnight after Squid Game‘s premiere. Currently, she has nearly 7 million! Fans just can’t get enough of her charms. The actress is just as charming offscreen as she is onscreen as her Squid Game character.

With the horror aspects of the series and Halloween around the corner, naturally, almost everyone has plans to don themselves in green tracksuits to dress as their favorite characters from Squid Game. Well, except maybe the cast who already have worn one too many now.

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Instead, Lee Yoo Mi has another idea. She chose to dress not as her own character but as another iconic character that anyone would recognize regardless if they have even watched the series or not…

“Squid Game” episode 1 “Red Light, Green Light.” | Netflix

Any ideas as to who or what it could be?

The creepy giant doll (center) with guards. | Netflix

Lee Yoo Mi shared her Halloween costume with her Instagram followers, revealing that she is none other than the giant doll from episode 1!

| @leeyoum262/Instagram

The survival game begins with a childhood favorite, “Red Light, Green Light,” with a horrifying twist in the first episode. The creepy giant doll, dressed in a yellow and orange dress, signals players.

| Netflix

The doll and the child game have become synonymous with Squid Game, inspired TikTok trends, and even visited the Philippines, the Netherlands, and more. Not only that, but the doll’s aesthetic is easy to replicate.

It’s a great costume for Halloween! Still, not everyone can pull off the combination of bright yellow and orange with pigtails too. If anyone can do it, though, it’s surely Lee Yoo Mi!

| @leeyoum262/Instagram

She even did a little photoshoot around the city in her outfit. Of course, there’s no better location than a tree.

I’m sorry for running away
It got too embarrassing for me😊
#Squidgame #Younghee

— Lee Yoo Mi

If it’s Lee Yoo Mi, we would agree to play! No one can be afraid of this face…

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One thing that is for certain is that Lee Yoo Mi always slays!

Source: @leeyoum262

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