Real Life “Squid Game” In The Netherlands Draws Crowd Of Hundreds, Including Children

The “Squid Game” hype continues to grow.

Netflix‘s Squid Game continues to dominate online communities around the world. It’s the No. 1 show on the streaming platform and is virtually inescapable, from TikTok memes to YouTube explanations. The hype is so real that in some unexpected places, real-life “Squid Games” are being held. The latest location? Maastricht in the Netherlands.

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Earlier today, 1Limburg reported from on-site during a game of “Red Light, Green Light,” known in Dutch as Annemaria Koekoek. The game featured the signature “creepy doll” as well as a handful of people dressed in the distinct red suits and masks worn by the game enforcers. As opposed to facing death by gun, like the characters in the show, contestants were simply examined by the hosts and their numbers called out if they were eliminated.

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The game drew in dozens of hopeful competitors as well as hundreds of spectators. Among the crowd was children who fall beneath Netflix’s recommended age rating of 16+. Though the show initially had a rating of 12+, its violent and explicit content caused the rating to increase.

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Despite the age rating, many attendees around 10–12 years old expressed their interest in the show and were accompanied by their parents to the event. One parent shared that one of the most important things to do when showing Squid Game or similar content to children is to monitor it yourself and to explain that it’s fictional.

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Squid Game‘s riveting storytelling and compelling concept continues to intrigue audiences all around the world, of all ages. Read on below to learn more about American YouTuber MrBeast‘s large-scale event coming soon.

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Source: YouTube and 1limburg

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