There Was Nearly A “Squid Game” Cameo In PSY And BTS Suga’s “That That” MV

Who knew it could get even more iconic?

According to PSY, there was almost a Squid Game cameo in the “That That” MV.

PSY (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) in “That That” MV | officialpsy/YouTube

Even ahead of the release of “That That,” fans were eagerly anticipating it. With two legendary K-Pop artists together, everyone knew it was about to be one of the biggest hits ever, and they were right.

BTS’s Suga holding PSY in “That That” MV | officialpsy/YouTube

The song is a catchy bop, but it also has a fun choreography to match.

“That That” MV | officialpsy/YouTube

Not to mention that music video. The Old West is a popular aesthetic in K-Pop lately, but PSY managed to make it vibrant and comical too.

Now, PSY has revealed that BTS‘s Suga had not been the only special feature to star in the MV. There could have been a fun little cameo from an iconic Squid Game character, but it’s not who you would expect.

“Squid Game” poster.

It’s not the Salesman (Gong Yoo), Seong Gi Hun/Player 456 (Lee Jung Jae), or Kang Sae-byeok/ Player 067 (Jung Ho Yeon)…

Seong Gi Hun/Player 456 (Lee Jung Jae) in line of “Squid Game” contestants.

It’s Younghee!

Younghee | Netflix

Yes, the giant creepy killer doll from “Red Light, Green Light!”

Younghee with “Squid Game” guards. | Netflix

Killing Squid Game contestants is not the only Younghee kills. She can slay some choreography too!

Nevertheless, Younghee wouldn’t have even appeared conventionally. PSY shared a TikTok featuring himself playing pool dressed as Younghee on what appears to be the set of “That That.” He captioned the video, Younghee almost made a special appearance on #thatthat.”

PSY dressed as Younghee.


Netizens were shocked to find out what could have been, and they all loved the reference to the hit Squid Game series. So, some suggested we could get an alternative version of the “That That” MV.

| TikTok

PSY, BTS, and Squid Game? It can’t get more iconic.

Watch PSY’s full TikTok video below:


댓댓에 하마터면 출연할뻔한 영희 ☺️Younghee almost made a special appearance on #thatthat ☺️

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