There’s A “Squid Game” Inspired Pop-Up In Itaewon That’s Amazing And Terrifying All At The Same Time

“Will you play?”

As Netflix‘s Squid Game continues its dominance worldwide, an interesting pop-up once appeared in Itaewon, South Korea — and it’s taking over headlines.

Poster for “Squid Game” | Netflix

In an effort to promote the K-Drama, Netflix created an interactive pop-up playground called “Squid Game World” in Itaewon a few weeks ago. The vibrant colors and child-like games were immediately seen at the pop-up, as photos began to circulate online.

If you dare chose to enter the pop-up, you would be greeted by a bright, neon pink staircase that is plastered with the famous Squid Game logo.

| Naver

Another staircase also enticed the customers with one simple, but terrifying question — will you play?

| Naver

Upon entering, the doll behind the famous “red light, green light” game can be seen perched on top of a play structure. Whether or not you have seen Squid Game, this girl mannequin has quickly gone on to become the terrifying icon of the series.

| Naver

The pop-up customers were also greeted with the pink-suited soldiers, as they are placed all throughout the playground.

| Naver

Not only that, but the pop-up guests were given an opportunity to win a Squid Game prize set. All they had to do was take photos of themselves in different locations at the pop-up playground and upload it onto their personal social media accounts. If they participated, the guests would receive a small Squid Game themed thank you gift.

| Naver

And naturally, due to the ongoing viral popularity of the show, it’s no wonder that the Itaewon pop-up garnered mass attention from fans.

Guests waiting to enter the “Squid Game” pop-up.

While it is no longer open to the public, that is one impressive way to promote the show! Would you have gone to the pop-up if you had the chance?

Source: Naver and News1

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