Justice Finally Served To “Victim” That Falsely Accused SS501’s Kim Hyungjun Of Sexual Assault

Lock ’em up.

In a recent interview with Star Today, SS501‘s Kim Hyungjun revealed just how he felt about his sexual assault controversy. Previously in 2019, it was reported that Kim Hyungjun was being sued based on the account of sexual assault.

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After the long drawn investigation, it was concluded that Kim Hyungjun was innocent. A year after the incident, he opened up about the issue. It is reported that the alleged victim had been arrested on 25 September 2020 and sentenced to 8 months in prison on accounts of slander. She had made the initial accusation in April 2019.

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Through his company, SDKB Entertainment, it was stated that Kim Hyungjun was thankful that the truth was revealed. A representative from the agency furthered that it was an unfair situation, given that while his identity as a celebrity was compromised, the “victim” was protected by anonymity.

At that point in time, Kim Hyungjun had also just been discharged from the military and was preparing for a world tour. After accusations arose, he had to fold his plans, facing both financial and psychological damage.

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SDKB Entertainment is looking into possibilities for compensation from the “victim”. The company claims that this can also further help prevent future similar incidents from occurring, as financial responsibility may deter potential slanderers.

Source: Star Today