Staff Member of Popular Singer “A” Confirmed to Be Infected With COVID-19

The staff member reportedly visited the company building before getting tested for COVID-19.

Following the recent reports that a staff member of a popular singer was suspected and being tested for COVID-19, it has been reported that the staff member has been tested positive for COVID-19.

According to an exclusive report by Osen, the popular singer “A” has self-isolated themselves following a photoshoot abroad since the confirmation that the staff member has contracted the coronavirus.

When the district office asked if this was the same “A” staff member previously reported by Osen, the related personnel cautiously responded, “We are looking into this closely and conducting an epidemiological investigation.

Furthermore, it has been reported that that staff member visited the company building upon returning to the country.

As a result, the other staff members, as well as the employees at the company building, are reportedly in self-isolation as well.

In addition, popular singer “A” was preparing for their comeback, which means this incident could cause some changes in their upcoming schedule.


Source: Osen and Huffington Post