Starship Entertainment Denies Bullying Allegations Against MONSTA X’s Kihyun, Releases School Records As Proof

They will be taking legal action.

Starship Entertainment has released an official statement addressing MONSTA X Kihyun‘s bullying rumors.

| Starship Entertainment

On MONSTA X’s official fan page, Starship Entertainment stepped forward to deny all the bullying allegations made against Kihyun.

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

We are writing in regards to the recent rumors that have been ciruculating on online communities regarding one of our label’s artists, Kihyun. The rumors were from a long time ago and there were facts that we could not confirm. Due to this, it took us a little longer to figure out what direction to take and we apologize for the delay in our response.

Regarding the school violence rumors, the artist himself, school officials, alumni and other acquaintances directly confirmed the facts. All their testimonies confirm that Kihyun never participated in school violence. We have provided evidence of Kihyun’s student record book so that you may decide objectively.

— Starship Entertainment

Starship Entertainment then shared Kihyun’s school records as photo evidence. This is his middle school record.

Kihyun’s school records | MONSTA X OFFICIAL FAN CAFE/Daum

One of Kihyun’s high school teachers wrote only positive things about the MONSTA X member. This is what they had to say about his high school days.

He is a bright, lively and kind student. He expresses his opinions well and has strong leadership skills. He leads the class and plays a huge role in unifying everyone. Whenever there is an instance where the class had to collaborate, he would take the lead.

When other students would neglect their responsibilities, Kihyun would actively encourage his classmates and take the initiative in these matters. Especially in times when there were group activities or quizzes, he would actively help the teachers. He unites the class so well, that he receives praise from all of his teachers.

He shows a lot of interest in music and has an incredible singing ability. He receives a lot of praise whenever he performs at our school’s talent shows. He received many awards. He is talented at interpreting the songs and transforming them into his own style.

His active personality, singing and numerous other talents makes him popular amongst everyone. He is enthusiastic and works hard for his future, even though he has a weaker body. He takes his health seriously and has been working hard patiently. I look forward to his future growth.

— Kihyun’s High School Teacher

Starship Entertainment concluded their statement by revealing their plans to take legal action against those who spread these malicious rumors against their labels’s artists.

We will be taking legal action against those who have been uploading these alleged instances from 2015 and 2021. We have contacted a legal representative. On February 26th, we took our case to the Gangnam Prosecution office where we decided that we will sue for defamation by spreading false information.

In 2015 when these rumors first circulated, we reached out to the alleged victim to meet. We met at a coffee shop in a hotel lobby. At the time, the person who wrote the rumors apologized for the incident. Even though they weren’t a minor, but an adult, we did not take legal action at the time. We received a written apology that had preventative measures written in it. We settled without having to pursue a legal route. However, the same perpetrator is continuing to make these false statements.

We will no longer sit around and wait patiently. We will be taking legal action and will be waiting the results. We will be suing those who defame our artists, who ruin their honor and get in the way of their activities by spreading false information. We plan on taking strong legal action.

We want to thank all those who have been showing their continuous support to our artists.

Thank you.

—Starship Entertainment

Source: Daum

MONSTA X Kihyun's Bullying Allegation