Starship Entertainment Releases Statement Regarding MONSTA X Kihyun’s School Violence And Bullying

They will be taking legal action.

Starship Entertainment has released their statement regarding MONSTA X Kihyun‘s bullying and school violence accusations, stating they are looking into the report, but the accuser is the same one from 2015.

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Starship Entertainment released their statement on MONSTA X’s official fancafe following an alleged former classmate accusing Kihyun of underage smoking and bullying.

Hello, this is Starship Entertainment.

We would like to relay our position regarding our artist, Kihyun, and the recent posts and rumors that have been circulating on the internet.

We are contacting the alumni, acquaintances, and teachers who were there at the time, with the thought that we should recognize the severity of the issue and make the utmost efforts to attempt to verify the truth. We ask for your understanding in advance that it is necessary to check the events that occurred, as it has been a long time. We would like to open up conversation with the accuser as well, should they allow it.

In a separate issue, the person who published this post is the same one who published these accusations in 2015. At that time, we contacted the accuser to verify the facts, and we confirmed that the post was false. We attempted to take legal action to protect our artist, but we were promised that the author of the post would reflect on their actions and prevent this from happening again. In consideration of the circumstances of the accuser, we agreed and settled after receiving the agreement in writing.

Despite this agreement clearly noted in the accuser’s own writing, we can no longer sit still and watch as they continue their intentional and repetitive actions. We intend on holding the author of the post legally responsible right to the end.

In addition, we will do our best to protect the rights of our artists by following through with legal action through consistent monitoring of slander and the spread of false information, which is a violation of the Information and Communication Network Act.

Once again, thank you very much for your support for us and the Starship Entertainment artists.

Thank you

— Starship Entertainment

Kihyun’s case is just one of many that have occurred over the past few days, with the majority of the cases being denied, whether it is by other classmates, the artists’ agency, or even the accuser themselves, stating the public got the wrong name.

Source: MONSTA X

MONSTA X Kihyun's Bullying Allegation

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