Starship Refutes Tencent’s Claims, Says Meiqi And Xuanyi WILL Promote With Cosmic Girls

Starship announced Meiqi and Xuanyi’s comeback plans with Cosmic Girls.

The issue regarding Meiqi and Xuanyi‘s immediate future with Cosmic Girls has become a conflicting case. Tencent, the label behind Chinese Produce 101‘s debut group Rocket Girls, and Starship Entertainment, the label housing Cosmic Girls, are contradicting each other about their promotion plans.

Meiqi and Xuanyi won 1st and 2nd place on the show respectively, solidifying themselves as debut members of Rocket Girls.


When Meiqi and Xuanyi won China’s Produce 101, Starship Entertainment announced that they will be promoting as both Cosmic Girls and Rocket Girls for the next few years. They planned to schedule Cosmic Girls’ comebacks accordingly to avoid any conflicts with Rocket Girls’ promotions.

“Meiqi and Xuanyi will be promoting in both China and Korea. The promotions between Cosmic Girls and Rocket Girls will be well-arranged so there will be no scheduling issues for these girls.”

— Starship Entertainment


Just a few days later, Tencent fired back saying that Meiqi and Xuanyi won’t be promoting with Cosmic Girls, but solely focus on Rocket Girls for the next 2 years.

“It is not true that Meiqi and Xuanyi will be promoting as both Cosmic Girls and Rocket Girls 101.

It will be impossible for Meiqi and Xuanyi to be active in both girl groups. They will be exclusive to promoting with just Rocket Girls 101 for the next two years.”

— Tencent


Meiqi and Xuanyi’s Weibo profiles also changed from “Cosmic Girls” to “Rocket Girls”, seeming to confirm Tencent’s statements.


Starship Entertainment seems to think otherwise as they stand by their original claims that the girls will promote in both groups. They explained that they’ve signed a contract that iterates it so.

“We’ve signed a contract with Tencent that says [Meiqi and Xuanyi] can promote between the two groups. Their claims that they will only promote in one group is different from the original contract.”

— Starship Entertainment


Starship even announced that Cosmic Girls will make a comeback near the end of this year with Meiqi and Xuanyi.


In regards to their changed Weibo profiles, Starship says Tencent broke their contractual terms by changing the group names without Starship’s consent. They will be changing their profiles back to include Cosmic Girls.

“Tencent broke the contractual agreements by changing their Weibo nicknames without discussing it with us first. We will be taking quick actions to change it back.

As much as Tencent is one of the largest SNS platforms in China, we hope they will fulfill their contractual agreements.”

— Starship Entertainment


Hopefully, the two labels will soon come to an agreement about whether Meiqi and Xuanyi will promote in both groups or not.

Source: dongA

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