Co-Founder of event startup ‘Linqup’ goes on racist and sexist rant about BLACKPINK and BTS

“Justin’s World” has received a lot of attention and backlash for his comments about BLACKPINK and BTS.

A “YouTuber” gained a lot of attention last week after his reaction video to BLACKPINK’s new song “DDU-DU DDU-DU” came under fire for being full of racist and sexist comments.

(★TRENDING) Racist Americans Attack BLACKPINK, Calling Them “Hoes”


“JUSTiN’S WORLD” (real name Justin Rene) is the co-founder of a Houston-based startup called Linqup, a mobile app aimed to bring people together for parties and events.


Since his first reaction video was uploaded earlier last week, it has gained over 135,000 views, but notably has 45,000 dislikes to less than 300 total likes.


In addition to criticizing BLACKPINK for “copying” popular American rapper Nicki Minaj, Justin Rene also made several inappropriate comments about the members.

“I don’t wanna disrespect any of these nice Asian women because their dads might know karate. Nah, I’m good sensei.”

“I would say that this video would look way better with the sound off. Just twerk. Twerk down a burning building.”

“I wonder who is the slore out of the group. Maybe her [Rose]? Cause she looks like…iuno.”


After fans started sharing and commenting on the video pointing out his inappropriate comments and asking for an apology, he instead decided to use the controversy to his advantage by uploading a second video with even more inappropriate comments.

(★UPDATE) YouTuber continues insulting BLINK and ARMY, calling BTS members “women”

This time, he even tried to draw in ARMYs by targeting BTS and calling them “women.”


Directly addressing fans who criticized him, Justin Rene called out BLINKs and cursed at them.

“Who even sits and types this bulls%$it? You need to be smacked. Everybody at the BLINK office, I just want to line up and single file slap the s*%t out of each one of them. I’mma double hands smack you.”

“To all you BLINK fans posting comments telling me to f*%$ myself, die, go to hell, displaying a bunch of head-assery, f#*% you. F*%# all of you.” 


Since his first two videos, Justin Rene has continued to antagonize BLINKs and ARMYs with more videos and controversial comments.


Just yesterday, he uploaded another reaction to a BLACKPINK video.


A compilation video from just the first two of Justin Rene’s BLACKPINK-related video contains approximately 10 minutes of inappropriate comments.