Netizens Think That This 4th Generation Idol Is Underrated Despite Her Outstanding Beauty

She’s a top visual for sure.

STAYC’s J has always been pretty. Her debut concept photos stunned the public with her natural gorgeousness.

During a recent trip to the airport on June 28, 2023, J’s visuals attracted the public’s attention.

She looked like a true star!

Her harmonious features and doe eyes fit the standard of beauty in South Korea perfectly.

She is also known to be a natural beauty, proven by pre-debut photos.

Fans were stunned when they saw how gorgeous she looked that day.

In fact, many thought that she had flown under the radar for too long.

Netizens’ reactions. | theqoo
  • J is really totally pretty, but she doesn’t get mentioned as much for it compared to her beauty, as they’re from a small company.
  • I think her dark hair is way prettier.
  • I think she will be able to make a name as an actress in the future.
  • I wonder if she will move to acting. She has a face I really want to see as an actress. She’s really pretty.
  • J is so pretty.

As STAYC helms from a small to midsized company, many feel that it is a factor in the girls not receiving the attention they deserve. J is truly one of the top visual in the 4th generation!

Source: Nate Pann