STAYC Firmly Denounces Lip Syncing And Details The Times They Sang Live…Even When They Didn’t Need To

They prefer to always have live vocals.

STAYC is gaining attention online for their firm opinion denouncing lip syncing. The six-member girl group from High Up Entertainment is known for their skills in singing, dancing, and rapping.


They have frequently performed live ever since their debut in 2020. In a recently released video teasing their upcoming comeback, the girls talked about the importance of singing in tune and without much backtrack.

The latest live performance was different. Until the last live performance, we concentrated hard on singing in tune. I focused very hard on making it sound as similar as the recorded version.

— Sumin

They touched on the importance of singing live and how necessary it is to the members of the group.

It feels obvious to us that we sing live in live performances.

— Sumin

Yoon added that it is their responsibility as K-Pop idols to perform to the best of their abilities.

There is no other reason to sing live than that we’re singers.

— Yoon

J further pointed out that there is a notable difference between singing live and lip-syncing. The atmosphere of the performance is better in the case of the former.

If I don’t sing live, I don’t have the same energy.

— J

The other members agreed with this sentiment. In fact, according to Sieun, they go so far as to sing properly even when shooting a music video—and here, their voices are completely edited out during post-production.

Even when we shoot music videos, we actually sing live. Our energy really looks different when we sing live versus when we just lip sync as we dance.

— Sieun

Despite being tired from two day straight schedules, they also performed live at the 28th Dream Concert in Seoul. They even felt like their condition got better rather than worse.

Even at the Dream Concert, we went there after pulling two all-nighters in a row so our vocal chords weren’t in good shape. It was to the point I wasn’t sure I could perform at all. But the moment I stepped on the stage, I forgot everything else, and when I finished, I remembered I was worried about singing live.

— Yoon

Throughout the years, several K-Pop groups have been under scrutiny for lip syncing more often than netizens would have liked. The K-Pop idols accused of this as well as their fans have often come to their defense to clear their names.

Check out the full video below to learn more about STAYC’s thoughts.

Source: YouTube