STAYC’s Seeun Wants Their CEO To Grow Out His Hair—Here’s The Savage Reason Why

Seeun truly unleashed her savage side!

STAYC‘s Seeun is known for her lovely visuals, smooth vocals, and also for her savage streak!

Seeun | @STAYC_official/Twitter

STAYC recently made a guest appearance on Weekly Idol, where they showed off their various charms and talents!


During the “Place an order on Weekly Idol” segment, where fans can send in requests for activities that group members can do, STAYC were asked to choose between two things; their CEO Rado with a head full of hair, or their CEO Rado now who brings them care packages of quality meat!

While others chose the meat, Seeun chose her CEO with longer hair!

When asked to explain her reasoning, she cheekily shared that she wants CEO Rado to grow his hair out, so that he can try out all the hairstyles he put them through!

I just want him to try experiencing different styles!


Ever since their debut in 2020, STAYC have tried on a variety of hairstyles! Most memorably, Seeun was given a Hime-cut with a blue dip-dye for their “ASAP” comeback era…

| High Up Entertainment

…and Yoon sported an uneven three-layered haircut with the ends dyed green for their “Stereotype” promotions!


Maknae J also once complained about her now-trademark short hair, and how she hated having to cut it before their debut after growing it out for 2 years!

J | @showchampion1/Twitter

Fans have never liked  the experimental styling on the gorgeous members, and it looks like the members feel the same!

You can watch Seeun talk about it here!

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