STAYC’s Yoon Expresses Regret Letting The Company Choose Her Stage Name, Netizens React

She went with what the company wanted.

STAYC’s Yoon recently went on live stream where she chatted with fans. Many fans have previously expressed that they preferred her real name to her stage name. This is as Yoon is more common compared to her birth name Shim Ja Yoon.

Yoon regrets having debuted with the name “Yoon.”

What name I would’ve promoted with instead of Yoon? To be honest, I regretted it a little after I debuted. I wondered if I should’ve just gone with my real name.

— Yoon

The name Yoon was chosen by her company. Yoon herself also agreed that it suits the chic image that the company wanted for her instead. Especially during their debut era, STAYC’s songs had a chic and strong feel to them. Even from the concept photos, you can tell the type of image the company was pushing.

Netizens came to agree that her real name was more unique and suited her well.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Shim Ja Yoon sounds so pretty. It also leaves an impression.
  • But the chic image from “SO BAD” suits Yoon more than Ja Yoon.
  • Her name is pretty and unique, so I think they can afford to change it even now. There’s idols who change their stage name in the middle once every now and then.
  • Please change it when now. Ja Yoon is so pretty.
  • Yoon, Ja Yoon, Shim Ja Yoon, they are all great, but I think Shim Ja Yoon is the best in terms of not overlapping with other people and to give an impact.
  • Ja Yoon suits her image of a cool and urban girl. It’s not hard to change a stage name. The company can just release an article and that’s it. Please make her Ja Yoon even now.
  • I think if they put her last name in, Shim Ja Yoon will sound unique and it will suit her.

As time passes, fans have come to realize that Yoon is more goofy than chic. The name Ja Yoon will definitely bring out her true essence!

Source: Theqoo